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Syntax Highlighting

We aim to implement highlighting for all development languages, and more.

Version Control

Use GIT to version your code, using your own repositories.

Code Assistance

Function descriptions, and completers

Live Coding

You can see what another is typing as they are typing, allowing you to interact at any time.


Work anywhere, from any devide.


Coding can be fun, let's make it so!

Code Validation

We help catch some basic coding errors.

Team and Community Options

We maintain several communities, which your free to join, or you can sign up as a team.


We offer our support, technical or otherwise, as much as we can. We are here to help!

How it's works

Share, Code & Collaborate
Run It!
Enjoy! your work.

Easy to use

HuCollab was designed with the Developer in mind. We are developers ourselves, and aim to make it easier to work together, whenever and wherever.


Art is what you make of it, or together!

About Us

HuCollab is proudly developed and maintained by TobiVision, Inc.. This application allows you to work on your code base from whereever you like, any time you like. You can have a live collaboration session with a HuCollabator, or Team, or Community member. You can teach, or get taught, which ever you like.

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